Holiday Decoration Storage

Published on 11/13/2019

Holiday Decoration Storage

Columbia Basin Self Storage

The holiday season is just around the corner. Pumpkins and scarecrows are beginning to overlook fields and mazes as well as Christmas lights being strung from every roof. If you are like most people, retrieving these decorations from the cluttered basement or garage can cause headaches and unneeded stress. This year save yourself the time and effort and invest in a storage unit to manage your holiday decorations efficiently. Storage units offer many benefits for seasonal house decorators. Here are just a few:

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1) Protect the Value

Protecting the value of your seasonal and holiday decorations is vital when it comes to saving money. Thousands of people will retrieve their decorations this year and find a light missing or bulbs cracked due to the style in which they stored their decorations. This style is usually due to the lack of space and having to force these decorations into small space. By renting a storage unit, you will have dedicated space to utilize and store your holiday decorations safely. This will protect the value of your decorations saving you money from replacements and repairs. 

2) Less Stress

Between deciding where to put certain decorations and how to hang them properly, holiday decorating is already stressful enough. Worrying about where the decorations are, were they stored properly, and if they are broken can add stress and ultimately affect your mood. Storage units provide peace of mind knowing your decorations were secure, safe, and stored in a proper place where leaks and other factors couldn't harm them. 

3) Save Space

Holiday decorations can take up valuable space in your business or extra room. This extra space could be used to house guests when they visit, store food storage, or even provide your family with more recreational living space. What family doesn't want an extra pool table or theater room because they were able to move all of their decorations to a storage unit.  

Holiday season is always an exciting time of the year for families and friends. Save yourself the time, space, stress, and help this year's decorations retain their value and store them in a storage unit here at (Name of Facility and link to rent page). We will take care of all your holiday decoration needs.